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Testimonials from my Clients


"By completing Nine Months to Success, I was able to complete my goals faster and thoroughly than by going it alone. The combined energy of the group coupled with Melanie's leadership made a huge difference." Bonie P.

“ I’ve been working with Melanie since 2007 and can attribute so many miracles to her sensitivity, skill and compassion.  With her extraordinary listening, and skills to share the Sedona Method as a personal transformative tool in our lives, I have achieved being a successful entrepreneur when fear and this economy could have paralyzed me!  As is true for anyone on a Self-Development track, the limiting layers that have been peeled off reveal the most vulnerable aspects of my being.  That’s when I needed her personal therapy and coaching to move forward. Again, her myriad of tools, disciplines, and approaches have enabled me to finally have an empowered relationship with my body !  She continually asks you to Go for It and I’m excited to do just that! “
Barbara B.

“Melanie is such a wonderful teacher. So enthusiastic about the work and appreciative of her students’ individuality.”

I increased the ability to recognize, examine and release concerns, doubts, fears and other issues as they arise. Most in-depth examination I’ve done. D.K. June 2007

‘Working happy or easy’ what a wonderful concept-after all these years of believing otherwise. I found your guidance extremely helpful, and your ability to keep it all going with a sense of joy, balance and levity, made a few ‘more-edgy-than-I-expected moments, to flow and release. Thanks for your guidance and compassion. C.N. March 2007

I learned to laugh at myself and what remnants of trash that used to be ‘my problem’. Learning to let go of trying to help others, while still feeling compassion and love for them felt very healing for me . E.V. May 2007

“Melanie is such a wonderful teacher. So enthusiastic about the work and appreciative of her students’ individuality.”

“I felt safe and willing to participate. I didn’t feel pressured to join in, but most time I wanted to and felt welcome.”

“Melanie has so much wisdom to offer.”

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Melanie Smithson Institute is dedicated to enriching lives through embodied education and training; using movement, play and releasing to connect with innate wisdom and joy.  

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